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Cloudvisory named a 2018 Cool Vendor
In Cloud Security by Gartner

"Replace network security appliances with security fabrics, using the native security capabilities of cloud providers wherever possible, including segmentation and firewalling."

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Actionable Audit
Discover, Visualize & Audit to uncover
existing risks and threats in minutes
Compliance Assurance
Cloud-native policy guardrails
that identify, alert on, and remediate
risk in hybrid, multi-cloud deployments
Intelligent Microsegmentation
Automated cloud-native
microsegmentation, policy
orchestration to guarantee
immutable security
Automated Enforcement
Identify and remediate risks,
compliance breaks, policy
violations and even quarantine
compromised workloads

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Cloudvisory seeks to help navigation through well‑defined journey to cloud security

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Cloudvisory Continuous Security

Once implemented, CSP manages a continuous process of Monitoring, Governance, and Enforcement for Immutable Security that accelerates digital business

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CSP Pillars
Phase 02
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Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP) Solution Differentiators

The only Cloud-Native microsegmentation Solution on the market. Competitors use less secure agent-based approaches and cover a limited number of cloud providers
The most comprehensive visual mapping of cloud infrastructure and the only solution to map in the taxonomy of each provider, critical for fast problem resolution
Audit & Compliance
Other solutions lack the ability to microsegment. Competing microsegmentation solutions do not include audit and compliance modules, reducing their effectiveness and are not cloud-native, making them less secure
Other Audit and Compliance solutions have limited value because they do not do microsegmentation - critical for strategic immutable security

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Cloudvisory named Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Security 2018

Cloudvisory was recognized by CIO Applications in the top 25 Amazon Solution Providers

“Through 2020, 80% of cloud breaches will be due to misconfiguration and mismanagement, not provider vulnerabilities.”


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