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+ Misconfiguration

As security threats and new technologies evolve at a blinding rate, multi-cloud security becomes increasingly more complex and prone to mismanagement. Detect threats, reduce misconfigurations, and stay protected with Cloudvisory's CSP.


Cloudvisory Security Platform

Intelligent Hybrid Multi-cloud Security
in a Single Platform

+ Visibility

Discover a detailed mapping of the all accounts, regions, network security groups, infrastructure and related flows. Detect threats and misconfigurations


Drill-down on Risk Analysis and Multi-cloud Inventory; Pivot to actions that improve your security posture

Continuous Security

Customizable, historical data analytics built on a foundation of automatic asset discovery & configured Compliance Checks

Cloud Security

One user-interface unifies security activities across cloud providers, accounts, regions & deployments

Network Flow

Leverage deep visibility into the actual network behavior of all cloud workloads (without agents) to inform Compliance and Governance activities

+ Compliance

Create Guardrails that identify, alert on, and report risks in multi-cloud environments


Establish sensible limits on cloud self-service; Choose the desired response(s) to violations (e.g. alert, manual-remediation, auto-remediation)

Extendable Compliance Framework

Enable and customize over 1100 built-in Compliance Checks; Convert ad-hoc queries into recurring Compliance Checks; create new Compliance Checks with ease

Risk Analysis
& Remediation

Assess and report-on historical trends in risks associated with multi-cloud assets; Remediate risks (manual or automatic) and track the effect(s) on your security posture


Automatically detect, map & rank vulnerabilities throughout the cloud landscape; analyze and report-on the complete history of vulnerabilities, risks & remediations

+ Governance

Prevent security incidents through dynamic enforcement of policy guardrails. Leverage Machine Learning to easily build and enforce better least-privilege policies, preventing intrusions by reducing the attack surface.

Automated Policy

Configure automatic remediation for "enforced" Compliance Guardrails; achieve and maintain zero-trust access controls (i.e. microsegmentation)

Cloud Security
Policy Management

Continuously orchestrate the enforcement of desired-state policies throughout your cloud (and threat) landscape


Machine Learning automatically recommends least privilege cloud-native firewall policies to protect workloads

Threat Detection
& Response

Detect & isolate active threats in near-real-time, preventing the threat from spreading while recommending cloud security posture improvements

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