Compliance Automation Solution

Create Compliance Guardrails that identify, alert on, and report risks in multi-cloud environments.


Compliance automatically detects risks via configurable checks against known assets, controls & events while providing options (i.e. alert, report, remediate) for manual or automated responses.

The Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP) provides over 1,300 built-in Compliance Checks and makes it easy to customize existing checks and add new custom checks. Quickly convert (ad-hoc) Audit findings into continuous Compliance Guardrails (i.e. Compliance Checks that recur at some configurable interval) through a simple, point-and-click user interface. Cloudvisory's Cloud Security Platform tracks the complete history of Compliance Checks associated with Cloud Assets and provides rich reporting capabilities to meet internal and/or external requirements for Compliance Assurance. Easily generate and export Cloud Security Platform Reports in various formats (e.g. PDF, XLS, CSV) for all compliance checks (i.e. CSP Comprehensive Report) as well as for supported compliance standards, which include:
  • AWS CIS Benchmark
  • AWS NIST 800-53 Revision 4
  • AWS PCI DSS 3.2
  • Azure CIS Benchmark
  • Azure GDPR
  • Azure HIPAA
  • Azure NIST 800-53 Revision 4
  • Azure PCI DSS 3.2
  • CentOS CIS Benchmark
  • Kubernetes CIS Benchmark
  • OpenStack Security Checklist
  • Redhat CIS Benchmark
  • Ubuntu 16.04 CIS Benchmark
  • Ubuntu 18.04 CIS Benchmark
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Compliance Guardrails
Cloud Security Compliance Guardrails
Establish sensible limits on cloud self-service; Choose the desired response(s) to violations (e.g. alert, manual-remediation, auto-remediation)

Extendable compliance
Extendable Compliance Framework
Enable and customize over 1,300 built-in Compliance Checks; Convert ad-hoc queries into recurring Compliance Checks; create new Compliance Checks with ease

Risk Analysis & Remediation
Assess and report-on historical trends in risks associated with multi-cloud assets; Remediate risks (manual or automatic) and track the effect(s) on your security posture

Cloud Vulnerability Management
Automatically detect, map & rank vulnerabilities throughout the cloud landscape; analyze and report-on the complete history of vulnerabilities, risks & remediations

Supported Compliance Standards


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