Governance Policy Automation

Prevent security incidents through dynamic enforcement of policy guardrails. Leverage Machine Learning to easily build and enforce better least-privilege policies, preventing intrusions by reducing the attack surface.

continuous enforcement

Governance goes beyond Compliance to continuously enforce "golden state" and/or least-privilege (e.g. microsegmentation) security policies throughout your cloud landscape.

Cloud security practices – and maturity levels – vary from one Organization to the next, and sometimes differ between Business Units within the same Organization. Cloudvisory allows Organizations and Business Units to implement cloud security governance according to their unique requirements and practices. Mature cloud security teams may use CSP to learn and enforce existing "golden state" cloud security policies, automatically detecting changes and generating corresponding alerts without interfering with existing business automation processes. Less mature cloud security teams may see "Automated Policy Governance" – including network microsegmentation – as the desired (i.e. "nirvana") state at the end of their cloud security journey. Building on the Visibility and Compliance features provided by CSP, all cloud security teams benefit from Machine Learning (AI) recommendations for improved Cloud Security Posture Management, where CSP Users may choose how to act on the actionable intelligence provided by CSP.
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Automated Policy Governance
Configure automatic remediation for "enforced" Compliance Guardrails; achieve and maintain zero-trust access controls (i.e. microsegmentation)

Cloud Security Policy Management
Continuously orchestrate the enforcement of desired-state policies throughout your cloud (and threat) landscape

Intelligent Microsegmentation
Machine Learning automatically recommends least privilege cloud-native firewall policies to protect workloads

Threat Detection & Response
Detect & isolate active threats in near-real-time, preventing the threat from spreading while recommending cloud security posture improvements

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