Actionable Audit



  • Actionable Audit is a continuous process to identify risk and threat. CSP continuously discovers and builds visual maps of the native infrastructure, security policies and dynamic changes happening in the environment. For example, in AWS, Accounts, Regions, VPCs, Workloads, native security controls and even the network data flows are mapped
  • CSP updates its discovery maps, minute by minute. As the environment changes – resources spin up or down,re-building the real-time map of the Infrastructure and associated data flows.
  • CSP provides the ability to query the underlying environment through point-and-click Audit screens, allowing companies to quickly identify risky workload firewall settings that put the entire deployment at risk.
  • Audit Maps are interactive – users can filter, zoom, and search.
  • Audit Maps visually identify malicious and non-compliant activity in real-time.