Private/Public Cloud

Security for OpenStack

CV Insight

  • Continuously discovers all OpenStack native infrastructure objects.
  • Includes Projects, Workloads, existing Security Groups, data flows, etc.
  • Visual, searchable maps are created in the User Interface that are updated minute by minute.

CV Control

  • Auto-provisions native Security Groups based on discovered data flows, tags, attributes and/or infrastructure memberships.
  • Automates granular micro-segmentation for superior security
  • As workloads spin up, down or even move providers, CV Control automatically calculates and adjusts the necessary Security Group changes.

CV Compliance

  • Monitors real-time data flows between workloads and compares to deployed Security Groups for compliance.
  • Monitors the amount of data transferred between the workloads to detect illegal activities.
  • Alerts on any violations, blocks them and can quarantine offending workload.
  • Monitors native Security Group enforcement points. Any accidental or malicious changes to native controls are immediately identified and rolled back.
  • Real-time maps that can be filtered for risk and compliance to security policies.