Cloud-Native Security Management for VMs, Containers & Micro-Services

"Cloudvisory’s Security Platform immediately detected a policy breach when a workload attempted communication with a rogue public Internet server. Cloudvisory’s microsegmentation blocked the violation, quarantined the malicious code, avoiding critical data loss and preventing the threat from infiltrating our environment.”
Fortune 100 Company

Cloud Security | The Problem:

Cloud-native security controls are more secure than traditional data center approaches but are not being properly leveraged. This leaves enterprises with massive security holes that can be exploited by hackers and greatly impacts application uptime and business agility.

  1. Real-time visibility into cloud infrastructure security is non-existent, delaying detection of critical threats.
  2. Cloud security controls are not being used to “least privilege” allowing risky access and increasing threat of breach.
  3. DevOps teams lack a method for organizing, testing, auditing, monitoring and enforcing provisioned controls, leading to misconfiguration of policies.
  4. Misconfiguration of cloud security controls is the leading cause of risk and breach.
  5. Lack of continuous compliance validation and enforcement of policy controls, leaves enterprises exposed to great risk.
  6. Enterprises are not using a workload microsegmentation strategy, a mandate in cloud for thwarting the East/West threat.

The Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP), is the only complete Cloud Security Governance Platform. CSP solves the security issues outlined above and is designed to support cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. CSP is a complete platform for Audit, Compliance, microsegmentation and Enforcement, allowing for a phased implementation approach.

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Cloudvisory Security Platform Secures:

Cloud VMs




Cloud-Native Security Governance

Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP) is the most powerful, centralized cloud security management and orchestration solution for Cloud, Hybrid and /or Multi-Cloud environments.


  • Pervasive Visibility
    Real-time discovery of cloud-native infrastructure objects, network flows and existing security policies
  • Cloud Native
    Leverages cloud-native security controls for superior control and protection
  • microsegmentation:
    Dynamic microsegmentation of workloads across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments
  • Policy Orchestration
    Automated provisioning, management and enforcement of portable, cloud-native security policy controls
  • Compliance Assurance
    Continuous detection and remediation of malicious, accidental and non-compliant activity in VMs, Containers and Micro-Services


  • Improved business agility
  • More accurate and robust security
  • Measurable reduction in malicious internal and external cyber threats


Discover, Visualize, and Audit to uncover existing risks and threats within minutes

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Cloud-native policy guardrails that identify, alert on and remediate risk in hybrid multi-cloud deployments

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Cloud-native microsegmentation, policy orchestration and automated enforcement to guarantee immutable security

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Identify and remediate risks, compliance breaks, policy violations and even quarantine compromised workloads

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