Cloud-Native Security Management for VMs, Containers & Micro-Services

"Cloudvisory’s Security Platform immediately detected a policy breach when a workload attempted communication with a rogue public Internet server. Cloudvisory’s Micro-Segmentation blocked the violation, quarantined the malicious code, avoiding critical data loss and preventing the threat from infiltrating our environment.”
Fortune 100 Company

Legacy, host-based security is simply not good enough for cloud!

Dev/Ops, IT Security, and Risk/Compliance teams are all struggling to manage and automate the complexity of security of modern applications deployed across multi-cloud infrastructures. A new approach, to continuously protect workloads across different cloud providers utilizing the very granular, cloud-native tools designed by the providers is critical to success in the cloud.

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Cloudvisory Secures Cloud VMs, Containers, Services and Applications

Cloud VMs




Intelligent, Automated, Immutable
Cloud Security Management

Cloudvisory’s Security Platform (CSP) is a powerful security management and policy enforcement platform purpose-built for Hybrid, Multi-Cloud environments.


  • Cloud Native
    Leverages cloud-native security controls for superior control and protection
  • Pervasive Visibility
    Real-time discovery of cloud-native infrastructure objects, network flows and existing security policies
  • Policy Orchestration
    Automated provisioning, management and enforcement of portable, cloud-native security policy controls
  • Compliance Assurance
    Continuous detection and remediation of malicious, accidental and non-compliant activity in VMs, Containers and Micro-Services
  • Micro-segmentation:
    Dynamic micro-segmentation of workloads across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments


  • Improved business agility
  • More accurate and robust security
  • Measurable reduction in malicious internal and external cyber threats


Multi-cloud discovery, visualization and analysis of real-time network flows and native infrastructure changes

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Policy provisioning, micro-segmentation and non-stop policy enforcement for automating cloud-native security

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Continuous, policy-based monitoring of network flows and native security controls to detect, block and quarantine threats

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