Intelligent Micro-Segmentation For Hybrid, Multi‑Cloud

"Micro‑segment by default. As a best practice, all security policies should be applied based on tags and memberships."
Source: Gartner

Intelligent Micro‑Segmentation of Policy

Following Cloud Security best practices, Cloudvisory can quickly and efficiently organize workloads into logical groups based on infrastructure, applications, app tiers, governance requirements and more, in order to rapidly deliver granular security policy and automate micro‑segmentation for thwarting the East/West threat.

Micro-segmentation in cloud, done right, reduces the risk imposed by nation-state hackers, automates granular policy provisioning, reduces human effort (human middleware) and dramatically speeds up change management.​

Cloudvisory is built to intelligently organize workloads into logical groups based on Infrastructure, Applications, App Tiers, Governance Policy and more. Policies are applied to these logical groups in an automated fashion. Group policies can be changed centrally in Cloudvisory and all underlying workloads that are members of those groups will be immediately updated. ​

Improved Security
Micro-segmentation of policies allows for granular security control, frustrates hackers by limiting their ability to “jump” across workloads, and makes it easier to detect rogue activity using Cloudvisory Monitoring.​

Rapid Change Management
Advanced micro-segmentation also allows teams to rapidly spin up workloads, move them between Providers, Resource Groups, VPCs or Projects while seamlessly delivering exacting cloud-native security controls.​ Cloudvisory discovers all new workloads, identifies group membership and provisions the right policies. If workloads move between groups, Cloudvisory will detect, calculate required policy changes and provision them. Equally, policies associated to groups can be changed centrally in Cloudvisory and all workloads will automatically get the required changes.

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