Intelligent Micro-Segmentation
in Hybrid, Multi-Cloud (Encore)


"Advanced attacks will gain a foothold in one system and then spread laterally. The ability to more granularly segment cloud data center traffic is a key requirement. Shift from a secure network of workloads to a network of secure workloads." Source: Gartner

About this Webinar:

Micro‑segmentation, previously a “wish,” is now a demand for cloud deployments. The East/West threat, so prevalent in traditional data centers, is attacking the Cloud too. But all segmentation solutions are not created equal. Most are cumbersome and difficult to manage and can’t get to a “network of secure workloads.”

We will demo how Cloudvisory delivers granular micro‑segmentation of cloud workloads. Micro-segmentation in cloud, done right:

Thursday, July 21, 2017
11 AM (PT) / 2 PM (ET)