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May 1


The self-service and dynamic nature of the Kubernetes creates challenges for risk and compliance professionals tasked with measuring and demonstrating adherence to security and privacy controls. Traditional tools and controls that worked well for security and compliance in the datacenter, fail for Kubernetes.

In this session, we will show the steps to achieving continuous security governance for your Kubernetes clusters and their hosted applications.

“Micro-Segment by Default: Move from a 'Secure Network of Workloads' to 'Network of Secure Workloads.'"
Source: Gartner

It’s undisputed that microsegmentation in cloud and datacenter environments is critical to avoid risk and threats; No different for a cluster of Containers. In this webinar, see how to successfully achieve micro-service, granular segmentation in Kubernetes deployments.

OCT 26

“The traditional mindset of ‘lift & shift’ is sub-optimal. Perimeter security controls don’t need to go away, but organizations need to utilize Cloud-Native controls for microsegmentation and stronger security of cloud resources”.
Source: Research 451

In this webinar, Fernando Montenegro, Information Security Analyst of 451 Research and Richard Eisenberg, VP Client Development of Cloudvisory will outline how companies can successfully transition to optimal microsegmentation and Security Orchestration in cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Done correctly, this will speed up dev-ops, greatly improve security and lower operational costs.

”Openstack Workload Security, done properly, can result in "Cloud IaaS Workloads that are more secure that your own data center."
Source: Gartner

In this Expert Series Webinar, come experience how the Cloudvisory Security Platform:

"AWS Workload Security, done properly, can result in Cloud IaaS Workloads that are more secure that your own data center."
Source: Gartner

In this Expert Series Webinar, come experience how the Cloudvisory Security Platform:

"Advanced attacks will gain a foothold in one system and then spread laterally. The ability to more granularly segment cloud data center traffic is a key requirement. Shift from a secure network of workloads to a network of secure workloads." Source: Gartner

About this Webinar:
Micro‑segmentation, previously a “wish,” is now a demand for cloud deployments. The East/West threat, so prevalent in traditional data centers, is attacking the Cloud too. But all segmentation solutions are not created equal. Most are cumbersome and difficult to manage and can’t get to a “network of secure workloads.”

We will demo how Cloudvisory delivers granular micro‑segmentation of cloud workloads. Micro‑segmentation in cloud, done right:

"Strong security management and control solutions designed specifically for the cloud are required to protect this new, agile paradigm." Source: Gartner

About this Webinar:
In this webinar, Cloud Security Experts review the results of a recent cloud security survey that highlights key cloud security concerns and best practices to protect data, systems and applications in the cloud.

About this Webinar:
Jason Rouault, previously Director at HP Public Cloud, most recently Sr. Director at Time Warner Cable, will share how current limitations in OpenStack and Neutron were inhibiting business agility and compliance at Time Warner.

About this Webinar:
Enterprises are quickly moving to a cloud‑first computing model to improve business agility. Unlocking the gamut of benefits the cloud can provide requires new security solutions and practices. Existing security processes and legacy controls no longer meet the speed offered by cloud infrastructures.

See how IT Security and Cloud Operation teams can maintain control of Cloud Security and Compliance, while allowing line of business teams to manage their own Cloud Security Controls.

"Workloads that exploit public cloud capabilities to improve security protection will suffer 60% fewer security incidents!"
Source: Gartner

About this Webinar:
If You’re Not Using Cloud‑Native Controls, You Are at Risk! This webinar outlines the critical importance of: